Bryan Knapp Drums

Craig Brooks Vocals, Guitar

Brad Knapp Bass

Sean Anthony Guitar

What is Rock and Roll?
Rock and Roll is not only a style of music, but Intensity, Integrity, and Independence. These three words encapsulate the lifestyle and stance of Brothers in Arms band – one of the most powerful and inventive new rock bands to emerge on the scene…

Formed in the heart and soul of the Midwest, this Dayton, OH Band makes a Buzz no matter where they go. “It takes much more for a band to really make a personal connection with people” says front man Craig Brooks, Brothers in Arms Band understands this. The Ohio based band, has made that direct musical connection in each of the hundreds of shows they’ve played.

As proven throughout their debut album “Dirt On My Bones”, (lead vocalist and guitarist) Craig Brooks, (Bassist and vocals) Brad Knapp, and (drummer) Bryan Knapp have fully absorbed decades of influences ranging from the heavy classic sounds of Black Sabbath to the soulful grooves of Gov’t Mule and the likes of Brothercane. These influences have all filtered through their original blend of musical perspective. As a result of this musical concoction of aggressive, melodic, guitar-driven rock & roll with soulfully intense yet tasteful vocals. This is what sets the pace for the bands future…

Nashville recording artist Brothers in Arms Band prepares the follow- up release to their debut album “Dirt on My Bones” with their eclectic more mature work entitled “Edge of My Mind” Recorded at Quad Studio, and Cylo Recording in Nashville, TN. The Band explains, you can’t sit down and just write hit songs. You have to write from the heart the band’s sophomore album clearly shows what the trio is capable of…A career in the industry…