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Brad Knapp
Bass Guitar

June 24, 1977 Dayton, OH

1969 Ampeg SVT  Bass head
810 Ampeg Bass Cab
1962 Vintage Reissue Fender Jazz Bass
Spector Bass
Thunderbird Bass

Favorite Bass Guitarist:
Alan Woody, and Doug Pinnick

Favorite song of the moment:
Three Days Grace “ Home”

Favorite Food:

Favorite Bands
1. Brothercane
2. Gov’t Mule
3. King’s X
4. Shinedown

In my Cd player at the moment:
Gov’t Mule “Deja Voodoo”

Favorite Venue:
Bogart’s Cincinnati, Oh

If I wasn’t in this band, I would be:
in the car business

About “Edge of my Mind”

What do you best like about the new record?
The Energy of the songs

How do you feel “Edge of my Mind” Differs from “Dirt on my Bones”  
Our writing process has matured since the last album , we feel confident about the sound..

What was the recording process like in creating the new record?
Well considering we were in some of the best recording facilities in the world!!! It was great we are very blessed!!!

What is your favorite song of the new record?

What are your plans and goals for the year ahead? 
Keep on writing great songs ,keep on promoting “Edge of my Mind”, and keep on making that personal connection with our FANS!!!!