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Bryan Knapp

June 24, 1977 Dayton, OH

Ayotte Drums
Sabian Cymbals
Vic Firth drum sticks
Shure Mics
Dw Hardware

Favorite Drummer:
Matt Abts, and Steve Gadd

Favorite song of the moment:
Breaking Benjamin “Follow”

Favorite Food:

Favorite Bands
1. Pink Floyd
2. Gov’t Mule
3. A Perfect Circle
4. Allman Brothers Band

In my Cd player at the moment:
Massive Attack

Favorite Venue:
Newport Music Hall. Columbus, OH

If I wasn’t in this band, I would be:
In the Car Business

About “Edge of my Mind”

What do you best like about the new record?
I like the overall sound of the recording, and structure of the record

How do you feel “Edge of my Mind” Differs from “Dirt on my Bones”  
It’s definitely a more mature album. The tones and the phatness of this album really stand out!!!

What was the recording process like in creating the new record?
Well let’s see we are a Dayton, OH based band, which came in to Nashville, TN with the mind set and determination to record a bad ass record.  We did just that!!!

What is your favorite song of the new record?
Sorry for You

What are your plans and goals for the year ahead? 
A career in the industry