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Craig Brooks
Lead Vocals, Guitar

August 9, 1970 Dayton, OH

1960 Gibson Les Paul reissue
1965 Fender Stratocastor
1966 Black face Super Reverb
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier head
Vintage Marshall 4x12 cab

Favorite Guitarist:
Randy Rhoads, Warren Haynes, and David Gilmour

Favorite song of the moment:
Shinedown “Let It Ride"

Favorite Food:
Breakfast Green Eggs & Ham

Favorite Bands
1. Gov't Mule
2. Pink Floyd
3. Shinedown
4. Black Label Society

In my Cd player at the moment:
Zakk Wylde

Favorite Venue:
Bogart’s Cincinnati, Oh

If I wasn’t in this band, I would be:
Walking the streets for money.

About “Edge of my Mind”

What do you best like about the new record?
The Energy! The songs have more of a hard feel, and are straight to the point!!

How do you feel “Edge of my Mind” Differs from “Dirt on my Bones”  
I think the structure of the songs is stronger, but it’s still just good Rock & Roll!!!

What was the recording process like in creating the new record?
A wave of emotions

What is your favorite song of the new record?
Edge of my Mind

What are your plans and goals for the year ahead? 
To keep writing good songs. Hope to play larger venues across the country…