B Man
"I didn't think there was any true Rock and roll bands left out there until I had seen Brothers In Arms Band."

Most Underrated Band
"One of the most underrated bands,on the scene today!!! "

Sonny Thomas The H.M.D Music Resource Guide
"BROTHERS IN ARMS BAND - WHAT'S LIFE FOR? (2012)(OHIO) - The long awaited follow-up to the groudbreaking 2005 disc, Edge Of My Mind has been WELL worth the wait! BIA has polished themselves into a well honed fighting machine in the Dayton ar...ea. Everyone should take notice!! Arguebly, this is the best Dayton local area Hard rock/Metal CD since LEGACY's 2003 Stand and Conquer and ANIMAL GRACE's 2001 Act of God albums!! This takes BIA into the next level of the stratusphere and doesn't look back"